Austral Rail, Rallus antarcticus, Patagonia, Chile

Austral Rail, Rallus antarcticus, the smallest member of Rallus genus. Endemic to Patagonia. Very scarce to locally frequent in some places in southern regions of Argentina and Chile, resident through eastern Patagonia south to central-eastern Magallanes. Scarce and local summer resident, that breeds in Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia.

Present on lagoons, ponds and in damp grasslands adjacent to marshy areas with abundant dense reeds, situated on the shrubby patagonian steppe.

Alone or in pairs. Also in family groups. Rather territorial during the breeding season. Curious. Loud and singular call. Spends most of its time hidden in vegetation making it very difficult to observe. Considered as a vulnerable species. Its population is estimated to be between 2,500 – 10,000 individuals.

© Jorge Ruiz

Austral Rail, Rallus antarcticus, © Sebastián Saiter, Far South Expeditions

Author: Claudio F. Vidal

Naturalist/Birder/Photographer in Patagonia. Far South Expeditions Founder (@FarSouthExp). Love Birds, Classical Music & Red Wine! Brother of the Coast. Orza!